Before any piece of steel is cut, hammered or otherwise manipulated there is a process that must be followed. In an effort to minimize waste, and save time I follow a simple process which of course begins with an idea.

The idea is put to paper with an appropriate visual scale, giving me a rough blueprint to work from, I say rough because ideas always evolve during the creation process.

Most everything I create is made of mild steel, a ferrous metal which oxidizes easily. I take advantage of this as mild steel is far less expensive than any other metal and the fact that it oxidizes easily means a patina can be easily applied. Patinas will protect in addition to beautify a piece. A real patina, created by a chemical reaction on the metal surface, will slowly evolve over time becoming more beautiful and rich with age.

I use modern, effecient metal working equipment, cutting steel up to half an inch thick is short work with a plasma cutter.

As the pieces are being made, the parts are welded together and in most cases then ground smooth to give the piece a finished look. Once a piece is complete, I will either seal it as is with a durable protective clear coat or apply a unique patina finish then a protective clear coat, in some cases the steel is left bare, giving a more natural weathered appearance.

If you have any questions about my process or would like to make a comment please email me here.


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